64-Bit Versions of IE 7 & IE8 Are Not Fully Compatible with SharePoint 2010

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  1. Göran Andersson says:

    The default browser in Windows 7 is 32-bit edition of IE8 so this will never be an issue that average joe will encounter. 64-bit edition of IE8 is included in Windows 7, but you must manually locate it in the start-menu!

  2. Zubair Alexander says:


    In my article I had hinted that the default browser is 64-bit version of IE8, which is not correct. Thanks for pointing that out. In 64-bit Windows 7 you have two options. You can either start the 32-bit version or 64-bit version of IE8. They are both accessible from the Start, All Programs menu (Listed as Internet Explorer & Internet Explorer (64-bit) respectively. However, if you start the browser from the taskbar or by clicking on a hyperlink in the e-mail then it starts the 32-bit version so the default browser is 32-bit version of IE8. I have changed the reference to the default browser in the article to reflect this correction.


  3. George Gordon says:

    Great to see this. I just spent a while dragging some of this from a Support Moderator on the Office 365 forum. That’s the only way to get support on the P1 plan of Office 365 for small businesses, which is back to front since small businesses clearly require more support than enterprises! Especially since the whole point of a small business using Office 365 to get Exchange and SharePoint facilities is to avoid the cost of employing IT support. I know there is lots of information spread around the various Microsoft sites, but an integrated online Help would seem to be essential especially for the average user of Office 365. This would clearly need to cover the limitations you have documented rather than having to find them by chance on TechNet.

    Incidentally, there do seem to be limitations with the 32 bit version of IE9, which is the default on Vista. “Open with Explorer” works, but only if I disable UAC on Vista; I think you can set UAC to a lower level on Windows 7. However, both “Connect to office” and “Sync to SharePoint workspace” are greyed out. It has been suggested to me that an Active X control provided with Office 2010 is needed to make them work. I have a mixture of Office 2010 and 2007. If you have any suggestions on how “Connect to office” and “Sync to SharePoint workspace” can be made to work for users with Office 2007, I’d be very grateful.



  4. Patrick Corkren says:

    I noticed that the 64 bit version of IE 8 on Windows 7 has a few issues with both Sharepoint 2007 and 2010. When editing on a SP 2007 list the 64 bit version does not allow rich text editing however the 32 bit version works fine. When a link is posted on a SP 2010 content editor the 64 bit version does not allow for specific page direction
    (such as http://www.?.?/test.pdf#page=3) on a pdf. The link merely opens the file in Acrobat (not SP) and goes to the first page in the file. 32 bit IE opens it normally.

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