Automatic Send/Receive Not Working in Outlook 2016

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  1. Ian Atterbury says:

    Tried all of these and still I have no joy…. It seems that sending works fine but during send/receive Outlook gets stuck on the receiving element… Any further advice???

  2. AW Dulay says:

    Thanks. You “solved” my problem of getting Outlook 2106 to NOT send/receive on start up.

  3. Nils says:

    I am looking for a similar article for Outlook 2016 Mac discussing the same problem and their solutions. I’ll keep looking but have yet to find anything worthwhile. Thanks for this at least.

  4. Brad Callahan says:

    The solution to create a new send/receive group and disabling the old one worked for me. Thanks for posting this info.

  5. Nitesh Singh says:

    It was very helpful. I tried those magics and now I started receiving emails. Wow !
    I really appreciate.

  6. Andy says:

    Disable S/R button had been ticked after upgrade. Thanks for the solution and no thanks Microsoft – why do that??

  7. Mark Radell says:

    Thanks for the tips, it’s not my problem of not having Outlook 2016 automatically download emails. Is there any way to delete the original All Accounts item in the send and receive groups?

  8. Zubair Alexander says:

    Hi Mark, no unfortunately you can’t delete the built-in All Accounts group. You can only add new groups and if you don’t want to use the original All Accounts group, just clear all the check boxes in that group. That’s about it. You don’t have too many options here.

  9. Eric Wills says:

    I don’t appear to have a group selection within the advanced and send and receive.
    When I highlight the box it turns blue, click and nothing happens. Any further suggestions please?

  10. Zubair Alexander says:

    @Eric. What version of Outlook are you running? The only thing in the Send/Receive button under the Advanced options is “Send/Receive Groups.” If you are clicking the Send/Receive button and it’s not taking you to the Send/Receive Groups then you may have some other issues with Outlook (like possible corruption).

  11. Roman says:

    Big thanks for last workaround (check\uncheck “Disable Scheduled Send/Receive”). This checkbox (to replicate mails) was disappearing on my Outlook 2013 constantly. And I could not find the reason. Your workaround helped.

  12. Tim Fitzpatrick says:

    I had the same problem today, but just found another way to fix it. Entering Send & Receive in Advanced Options, then editing the All Accounts group, I found that the only account in there was not part of the group. Checking the box solved the problem immediately.

  13. Eric Madeline says:

    Thanks for tips, it help me to find and solve a problem. In my case I have a PC with Outlook 2016 where “Schedule an automatic send/receive every” was just unselected, this without any logical reason (Outlook work fine for days ago just before that).

  14. Andre says:

    Do you have a solution for Outlook 2016 for Mac?

  15. Zubair Alexander says:

    @Andre. I don’t work with Outlook on Mac so I don’t have anything in particular to share with you regarding Outlook 2016 running on a Mac. These solutions are pretty general and should work on Mac as well. Have you already tried these solutions?

  16. Mica says:

    Hi! Thank you so much for writing about this. Tried all of the listed solutions, but didn’t work for me, unfortunately. Is there any update/new solution regarding this? Hoping to get a response!

  17. Zubair Alexander says:

    Hi Mica,
    Sorry, I can’t think of another solution to the Send/Receive problem right now, but if something comes to mind I will let you know. Keeping up with Windows updates is important because it may fix some of the bugs. You may have already done this, but make sure that your Windows updates are configured to receive the Office updates, in addition to the operating system updates. If you are receiving Office updates, try the solution I’ve posted for “Corrupt Send/Receive Group” one more time. Sometimes creating the group once doesn’t seem to be enough and you have to delete and recreate the group a couple of times. You can also experiment with different settings within the group and make sure you set the time for 1 minute during experimentation.
    Good luck!

  18. Ken P says:

    Has anyone else ever ran into this “quirk”, I have mine configured, but randomly throughout the day the check mark in “Schedule an automatic send/receive…” will go away. I won’t notice until I see something in my Outbox beyond the 5 minute setting that I have. I’ll put the check mark back in and close it. I’ll check occasionally and it will be fine. Not sure what is making it randomly get removed. Ideas?

  19. Miltos says:

    Thank you Alexander, my send and receive in Outlook 2016 was deactivated and I fixed it according to your instructions.

  20. Ruby Sharma says:


    Solution #3 is working.

  21. Henry says:

    Really appreciate this article – discovered ‘send/receive’ had somehow been disabled – been searching 3 months and trying every other solution suggested by people who clearly aren’t as smart as you are.

    Well done.

  22. Robert says:

    Thanks! Solved the problem with your third solution. But I really wish you had that solution listed first. It is by far the easiest of the solution to check and fix.

  23. Zubair Alexander says:

    @Robert. Thanks for your feedback. I agree with your recommendation and am moving the last solution to the beginning of the article.

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