California gets serious about data breach

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  1. Zubair: In AB 779, proposed Civil Code Section 1724.4(b) is poorly drafted and confusing. It is not clear whether 1724.4(b) covers Internet and mail-order merchants (although the legislature probably did desire to cover those merchants). 1724.4(b)(2) is muddled about what does and does not constitute “sensitive authentication data” that a merchant is forbidden from storing. A literal reading of the words of 1724.4(b)(2) would forbid merchants from storing zip codes, even though Internet and mail-order merchants need to store zip codes for operational purposes. Pending Section 1724.4(b)’s poorly crafted language will be a roadblock as innovators try to invent the next PayPal. –Benjamin Wright, Dallas, Texas

  2. Zubair Alexander says:

    Benjamin! When lawmakers write legislations that deal with technology there always seem to be room for improvement, especially where Internet is involved. Even supreme court’s carefully drafted rulings are challenged by attorneys. Your point is well taken. Thanks for your feedback. (Zubair Alexander)

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