How to Synchronize HTC EVO 4G Contacts List to Outlook

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  1. Jerry Markzon says:

    Thank you for a complete article, Zubair. I have been able to sync but I do have one problem.

    On Outlook you enter names “first last”. Display as: “last, first”. When synching my contact list it comes out as “first last”. I want it to be “last, first”. Can I make this automatic?


  2. Zubair Alexander says:

    Hi Jerry,

    I am not sure what version of Outlook you are using but even though Outlook files the names as Last, First when you enter a full name, the default behavior can be changed. If your question has to do with the way the columns are displayed in Outlook, you can change the way the information is displayed. Go to View, View Settings, Columns and add/remove or change the order of the columns. If you want the columns in Outlook to to display “Last, First” then add the column Files As to the list and move it to the top of the order. The first column will display names “Last First.”

    if you are trying to arrange them in that order on your HTC EVO, you might want to experiment by rearranging the order in Outlook and then import the Contacts list into HTC EVO. The import is not always perfect, especially if you import a list from a different phone into your new phone. Sometimes there are extra backslashes added to the addresses before the commas and there are other minor glitches in the conversion as well because the columns in HTC EVO may not match exactly from what you have in Outlook or another phone.

  3. Bob Meyler says:

    Great Article. I have successfully synced my HTC EVO several times, but I’m having a problem. My wife also has EVO, Outlook on a networked PC and HTC Sync. Somehow my contacts in Outlook keep changing to her contacts. I have deleted them and re-synced mine, but I don’t understand how I can be having this issue if there is no Bluetooth or WiFi on either PC. Can HTC Sync be crossing the network to my Outlook on my PC? That doesn’t sound right.

  4. Tebo says:

    I read through your excellent description of setting up the sync, however you did not mention setting up or running the “application Installer”.

    I am having the problem of when I click on “sync now”, the process appears to start, however it fails to work…I get a error of “2 general” and a message “error due to “sync could not be started”.

    I am wondering if I missed a step somewhere with the “application Installer”. When I click on that it asks for a “file name” that will be installed on the phone. I have NO CLUE what file it is asking me to install on the phone and I am wondering if this is the missing piece.


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