How to Update Integration Services and Use Guest Services in Windows Server 2012 R2

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  1. Steve says:

    Hi Zubair:

    Ok, love this article and have the quintessential question regarding this. The ISO for Server 2012 R2 will not install a GUI version of Server 2012 R2; thus, there is no server 2012 R2 Host O/S in my install. I had to install Server 2012 NON R2. with that, the screen shots above are great but don’t exist the same without R2. Exactly how does one get Server 2012 R2 installed as GUI so one can manage VM’s as shown in screen shots.

    I am asking all this because I am hosting a 2012 R2 guest under a host 2012 NON R2 and need the guest OS to use USB printers and share. The Guest OS is in production now and runs AD, etc. Am I looking at a different ISO than the MS Open License 2012 R2 that I purchased for my client and then installing all over again and importing this existing Guest OS to a 2015 R2 Host?

    Any specific info would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks! Steve

  2. Steve says:

    Ok scratch that last comment is sent; here is a more accurate update after slowing down and getting things right:

    After careful re-reading of your process, I see I can get to step 7. This is where things fall apart. Instead of the message you show which includes an option to upgrade the installation, I get the same window but it simply reports that “..this computer is already running the current version of integrated services (version 6.3.9600.16384) and naturally, there is no step 8 to restart. However, in step 9, there is no “Guest Services” option to check and it reports that “All services are offered”. Sooo…my question has changed; is there an alternate way to get these services installed? Do I need to add server roles and/or features for this option to show up?


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