Managing Exchange Server 2003 from Windows Vista

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  1. I have done this workaround and it works….almost. It adds the exchange tabs in AD, but there is a problem when I create/delete a mailbox. As soon as I create the mailbox, the console stops working – “….exchange extension has stopped working”. So I open it back up and check the account – the mailbox actually DID get created. I would be able to live with this (just have to reopen the MMC when I create/delete a mailbox), BUT, the mailbox permissions are not set correctly on the newly created mailbox. Normally, there are a few groups that are automatically added in the ‘mailbox rights’ option under EXCHANGE ADVANCED tab(like our admin groups and such – propogated down from a higher level). When I add the mailbox under vista (and then reopen the console), the only account in the MAILBOX RIGHTS area is SELF. So this will cause problems in the future with that mailbox. I’ve heard that this workaround has worked perfectly for a lot of people, and was wondering if there is a fix for this specific problem. I have seen the same problem in forums, but no fixes/explanations. So far in our organization, I am the first(guinea pig), to install Vista on my machine. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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