Setting Up POP3 in Exchange Server 2007

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  1. Taher says:

    I have Exchange 2007 and POP3 service is running fine on the service but when I try to send email from outside using IMAP or POP3 account , I can send mail to Internet users but I can’t send email to external users like Hotmail or Gmail, it says relaying denied. I can also receive email. I have ISA server firewall which allows inbound 25 and 110 for SMTP and POP3 respectively.

  2. Zubair Alexander says:

    You may need to open the proper port at the ISA Server. IMAP4 uses TCP 143 and IMAP4/SSL (IMAP4 over SSL) uses TCP 993.

  3. Sopheak says:

    Hello! My company wants to use Microsoft Exchange Server but I don’t understand why some Web site is trying to sell me ExchangePOP3 for use with MS Exchange Server.
    1- Why do I need to buy ExchangePOP3?
    2- Doesn’t Exchange Server comes with POP3?

  4. Zubair Alexander says:

    Microsoft’s Exchange Server includes support for POP3. You don’t necessarily need to buy additional tools to make POP3 work. Most 3rd party vendors that offer you tools usually include enhance functionality and ease of management that may not be available in Exchange.

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