Unable to Access Event Viewer on a Remote Computer?

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  1. SJ says:

    Hi, in windows 10 I could not find COM+ NETWORK ACCESS in firewall!
    Can you help me?

  2. Zubair Alexander says:

    You can use the Group Policy. Type MMC in the search box and press ENTER. On File menu, use Add/Remove Snap-in to add the Group Policy Object Editor for the local policy. Go to -> Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Network -> Network Connections -> Windows Firewall, and then click Domain Profile. In the right-hand console, Enable the setting “Windows Firewall: Allow remote administration exception.” Close the console and restart your computer.

  3. Eoin says:

    Is this change necessary on both the administrators (local) workstation AND the remote workstation where the logs reside that the administrator is trying to view?

  4. Zubair Alexander says:

    You should make the change on the target computer where you are trying to access the Event Viewer.

  5. Giuseppe says:

    There is no “COM+ Network Access” entry in the Windows 7 firewall.

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